Happy Valentine's Month! With the release of the film Fifty Shades Darker inching closer and closer, here's a menu fit for a Fifty Shades-inspired Valentine's Day dinner. We promise these recipes are so good, your inner goddess will jump up and down after just one bite.


Anastasia makes herself a chicken salad sandwich in the first film, Fifty Shades of Grey. We found a lettuce cup version that's so good, your roommates will want to steal a bite.

Sushi platter

Christian likes to have fancy sushi platters during his business meetings. They're mostly for looks, though, so don't worry too much about how they taste.

Vodka oyster shooters

You know what makes oysters even more fun? Vodka! These fresh oyster shooters are a great appetizer to serve before the main course.

Salmon and caviar blinis

Like the blueberry pancakes Ana likes to make Christian for breakfast, these buckwheat blinis topped with caviar and salmon are sure to impress your Valentine.

Pan fried citrus cod basil butter sauce

On Ana and Christian’s first date, they have a black cod entrée with asparagus and potatoes. This buttery pan-fried version is flavored with citrus and basil, and will make a perfect main course for your Fifty Shades dinner menu.

Creamy risotto scallops

When Ana meets Christian’s family for the first time, they have scallops for dinner. We can't think of a better home-cooked dish than a creamy scallop risotto with a bed of spinach on the side.

Elderflower gin and tonic

We learn that Christian's drink of choice is a gin and tonic made with Hendrick's. While we love a classic cocktail, this twist on the G&T is a welcome addition to any dinner menu.

Chocolate fudge layer cake

Make room for dessert, because like Christian's voice, we found a layer cake recipe that's " dark melted chocolate fudge". YUM.

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Do you have any ideas for a Fifty Shades-inspired dinner menu? Tell us in the comments below.

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