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For those who are just wondering about if Jamie Dornan is going to continue to be Christian Grey, those rumours are put to rest as ENEWS has confirmed that he is not leaving the franchise as it is still in pre-production for Fifty Shades Darker and ENEWS had said it was "pre-conjuncture speculation" about the so called "I Quit" from Jamie himself. Unlike those horrid rumours that we all believed to be true, they are NOT true. So it is final that the fifty shades actor is going to continue to be Christian Grey in Darker and Freed.
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Despite those rumours, this happened when Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the role of Christian Grey. He was actually going to fulfil the role of him, but he had to drop one project due to scheduling issues. I find that this issue has brought people together as fans unite to actually find out that full truth about it. I am actually glad that Jamie Dornan accepted the role, due to otherwise the film might not have actually happened due to casting issues and in which is the for most important thing if your a fan of the series. There are fan girls like us seeing the film once, twice, three or four times until the films release. But the film has got an early DVD Bluray release because that is actually true.


Because Jamie and Dakota have got contracts for all three movies that the franchise will be releasing on to the big screens and yet the rumour mills keep on saying that it was because of his wife and her threats to divorce him if he didn't quit the franchise and which is so not true. This morning when fans woke up to this news, it literally went overdrive in Australia, America, Canada, England, Ireland and Scotland as it was the baddest news that fans could ever be given that like the franchise.

Don't get me started with people saying cramp about this franchise as it is a Fanfiction of twilight. It is like taking the piss out if twilight when it has done nothing to you. Plus I do think that people should just get over themselves as it is just a franchise that people like and love. We love and like it, get over it and walk away. Because it it is annoying how some people can be with it. Unlike The Twilight Saga, it is going to be hot. But Twilight has hot as well.

So who is excited to see him reprise his role in Darker and Freed? I am, let's get ready for 2016 for Fifty Shades Darker and 2017 for Fifty Shades Freed. Have you seen the film yet? If not, you have gotta see it, due to it is one film that is worth while seeing.

Regarding to the article found of ENEWS: