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This wiki is about E.L. James' bestselling novel series Fifty Shades of Grey (book) AND the Fifty Shades of Grey (film). But if you are wanting ask as anything about the wikia or the franchise please don't hesitate to ask any of the users/admins on here.

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After watching the movie, I am glad I never read the book. The book does not capture the overall meaning behind the plot. However, the movie does well and carries a subconscious message that contains very deep material. Christian's young, tormented soul is abruptly eased as he conforms into a submissive under Elena, who as Christian tells Ana in the movie, "As a submissive, you are free of all worries, responsibilities and fears." Elena's dominance over Christian comforts him, as Elena is now in control of all of Christian's worries, fears and responsibilities. This is abruptly ended as Elena's husband finds out and punishes her. Relate this relationship to Ana's and Christian's now. Ana is very rebellious, not wanting to let herself go of all her fears, worries and responsibilities. Christian is trying to make Ana understand that she must trust Christian completely. Punishment is the tool of correcting Ana's rebellious nature, however it also punishes Christian for he cares SO MUCH for Ana. The entire message is about trust. Ana must trust in Christian to provide for her unconditionally as he must trust in Ana to submit to his control. If any of the two sides falter, they are both punished. This is my first draft of explaining this argument, so please excuse my horrible writing.

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So I watched Fifty Shades of Grey (film) yesterday and it was great and I am so please to say that the movie was close to the book even though they had some differences in them which we're minor. If you could see them at all. So in this review I will be discussing these types of things and they are Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, the film and mostly how I thought about that the film.

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A Fifty Shades of Grey Review from a Superfan’s POV: (Holly Masen, a close friend of mine and fellow fifty shades fan) Co-web to and @EverythingJDcom

When E L James began writing her erotic Twilight Fanfiction ‘Master of the Universe’ in 2009 under the pen-name Snowqueens Icedragon, little did she know just how much of an empire her fictional story of a troubled Dominant and an innocent Submissive would amass to. The story became too racy to continue being published on and was eventually pulled from the site and posted to E L’s personal blog where she continued to write the story posting chapter-by-chapter updates over the next two years. Six years later, the story and Erika’s dream have finally come to life on and off the big screen.

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