The following is fan fiction and not a part of the official franchise.

"Entrepreneur" is the second episode of Fifty Shades Of Grey.


  • Ivan White (Jason Connery) meets Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), Grace (Marcia G Harden), Carla (Jennifer Ehle), Chandler (Dominic Chianese) And Justin Winston (Barry Pepper). He tells them the idea and then he goes off. He tells Alex Regan (Bob Saget) this And then Barry (Vincent Piazza) a Hitman is classified. He goes to Christians apartment to tell Anastasia and Christian about it. He tells Tamala (Lorraine Bracco) about it and then Bobby (Seth MacFarlane) arrives and then Bobby has sex with Christian and then accuses him of that behavior. He tells Will (Vincent Pastore) that it is wrong to have sex in a sexual assault attitude.
  • Ivan speaks to Anastasia, Christian Grey, Mario (H. Jon Benjamin), Jennifer (Alison Brie), Alexander (John Tormey), Marlon (Corey Holcomb) And Santino (Chris Parnell) who knows that blackmailing would be Wrong about it and they get it right and straight. He goes to Jack Hyde’s house to meet Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), Elliott Grey (Luke Grimes), Jason Taylor (Max Martini), Jose Rodriguez (Victor Rasuk) And Kate (Eloise Mumford) who knows about it and then Elliott Grey And Jack Hyde produce a sex movie and they make the scenes pornographic and their scenes with pornographic content and then they run the adult movie theater that exhibits porn movies and then Elliott kidnaps Christian, Alex And Anastasia Steele. He tells Mia Grey (Rita Ora), Robbin Bob Adams (Dylan Neal), Ray Steele (Callum Keith Rennie), Bobby (Ryan Johnston) And Paul Clayton (Anthony Konnechny) who are there.
  • Ivan and Christian Along with Anastasia Steele tells Elliott and Jack to do the job and then they get sent to an adult movie theatre. At an adult movie theatre He, Christian and Anastasia Steele knows that Jack And Elliott have an interest. He tells Jack to stop it and then adult movie goons arrive and then Christian kills them And then Ivan kills one And then Ivan fights Jack Hyde and then Jack Hyde watches an adult movie. Jack Hyde’s henchman named Cam (Josh Weston) pulls out a gun to kill Ivan and Christian Grey And then Ivan kills Cam.
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