Wanting Admins

I am wanting three admins so that I can have help cleaning this wiki up.


  1. You must do one week of community service on here (two hours at the most)
  2. You must like the social media Facebook page and add the owner for you to get administration rights on it.
  3. You must post at least twelve times daily (but don't edit the pages of your fellow admin as done).
  4. You are to give three references from other wikis so that we can talk it through and get their point of view about your editing and what not.
  5. Plus you are to write an 500-750 word essay in why you want to be an admin and what would you would change on the wiki and also what kind of things will you bring to the wiki.
  6. Plus lastly you are to wait a cool off period of one business day so that we can choose what jobs you are assigned to.

Choosing Admins:

  1. Admin hunting starts: 19/05/2015
  2. Admin choosing starts: 27/05/2015
  3. Admin named: 30/05/2015

So happy applications.